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After finding egg deadly spider in a banana he had to throw away even the vacuum cleaner to burn pests

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A lady has found the deadly spider eggs, Phoneutria, a banana, thinking it was mold, because of a white lump, tried to remove it with a toothpick, thus breaking the cocoon and freeing dozens of eggs that were spilled on the ground.
To remedy this, he immediately sucked the eggs with the vacuum that then had to throw it away in turn to avoid the incubation of the same poisonous spiders.

the Phoneutria, is known as the wandering spider, because it does not build ragnatelle, but does the ambush his victims, waiting in remote corners.
They love to hide among appartamente and cars.
They are the most deadly spiders, but nn nn the greatest reach no more than 5 cm.
They counted 14 dead so far, only in 1996 and found the antidote.

The venom causes extreme pain inflammation, loss of muscle control and breathing, resulting in paralysis and eventual suffocation.
The spider bite can cause an erection in men undesirable, sometimes lasting four hours.